NFL 2020 Playoffs Week 1 Picks 🏈

My pick: listed first. Home team: CAPS. Post-game comments in italics.

The playoffs are back! I’m starting the playoffs fresh, after a 8-13-1 regular season record, though I ended the season strong. I’ll pick every playoff game and keep track of how I did.

BILLS -6.5 vs. Colts - I really like this Bills team. Even though the Colts are quite good I think the Bills make the AFC championship game. ❌

Rams +3 vs. SEAHAWKS - Bill Simmons’ rulebook says you should only pick underdogs in the playoffs if you think they can win outright. The Seahawks haven’t looked good in more than a month, and the Rams are stacked. ✅

Buccaneers -9 vs. FOOTBALL TEAM - I’m planning to ride TB12 for as long as I can this postseason. ❌

Ravens -3 vs. TITANS - I’m looking for the Ravens to avenge their loss last year. ✅

SAINTS -10 vs. Bears - This is a big line but I’m sticking to the Bill Simmons rule I mentioned above. I’m pretty confident the Saints are going to win the game so they’re my pick. ✅

Browns +6 vs. STEELERS - I’m not sure what happened to the Steelers but they’ve looked so bad since their first loss. I’m not as confident in the Browns as I was a few weeks ago but I think they’re going to win this game. ✅

Season to date (week 1): 4-2