NFL 2020 Week 17 Picks 🏈

My pick: listed first. Home team: CAPS. Post-game comments in italics.

I took last week off but I’m back this week. I’m looking to finish the season strong, with momentum going into the playoffs.

GIANTS +1.5 vs. Cowboys - I’m just not a fan of this year’s Cowboys team. I’m not a fan of any team in the NFC East but the Giants might be the best of the bunch, even if they do miss the playoffs. ✅

Vikings -4 vs. LIONS - The Vikings have played well the past few weeks and I expect them to finish the year strong. ❌

RAMS +2.5 vs. Cardinals - The Rams have a strong roster, they only need Goff to show up consistently. So without Goff, I don’t think their team loses much. ✅

Season to date (week 10-17): 8-13-1