⏰ Now - Work & Quarantine

Work & Quarantine

Most of my life right now is centered around work and being quarantined due to COVID-19. At work, my mentor has put me in charge of one of the companies business units. I spend most of my time not as a programmer, but as business leader. It’s a great opportunity that aligns well with my career goals. Though in the short-term it’s been challenging to shift my mindset away from programming and towards leading. It’s been stressful. I’ve started going back to therapy to help manage the stress.

We’re all figuring out ways to cope during the COVID-19 pandemic and I’m no different. I’m grateful to my many good friends that I’ve spend hours on the phone with and once virtually cooked with! Cooking over Zoom is really fun, I should continue to do that after this all boils over. With all this time at home I’ve decided to narrow my media consumption, to only a handful of people. One of those people is Derek Sivers, I’m very much enjoying Season 2 of the Derek Sivers Podcast.

I’ve started spending a lot of time with a friend and ex-coworker. She’s an incredible person and a big reason why I’ve stayed sane while quarantined these past few weeks. It’s still early in our relationship but I’m excited to see where it goes.